Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Easy way to remove Glitter Polish - No Rub Glitter Polish

Today we are going to test 5 glitter polishes and see if we can remove all 5 glitter types.

If you were watching last weeks video I created 3 easy birthday nail art designs – In that video I did a birthday design that was completely a blinged out  glitter design! Many of you guys commented that you love the design but did not want to create the manicure because the glitter can be a bizznach to get off...

 Welllll    I would like to introduce you to my glitter eatting friend - mr. No Rub! Mr. no Rob is pretty hungry today so I thought I would feed him a couple different glitter polishes - i've been wearing these glitter polishes for a couple days and have applied 2 to 4 coats of glitter polish on each nail.

 The green glitter polish is by Revlon in the color tantalize This pink Luxeffects polish is by Essie in the color a cut above This middle finger is actually one of the designs I created for the birthday nails except the glitter on top is slightly different if you would like to check out the video CLICK HERE This gold and black glitter polish is by Sally Hansen in the color bold gold The last blue glitter polish is by sinful colors and the color nail junkie 


 Mr. no Robin is getting h angry so let's start feeding him! Step one you're going to dip your nail into the pink gel and wipe off any excess using the edge. Make sure to close the container or mr no rub will dry up and DIe! Step 2 is the hardest part for me...  Waiting four minutes - so I normally put on a countdown clock on my phone! I'm just gonna fast for this part. Step three remove the glitter and goo - I like to use a paper towel and after I wipe off the polish I normally run my hands under some soap and water. 
Review - did it work for all the polishes? No Mr. no Rob has a friend and she will only eats stubborn dark polishes... And I found these two little guys hanging out at Walmart in the nail polish section on the bottom shelf for four dollars. Pretty cheap right!! "What did you call us? "

 I hope you guys enjoy this little review and if you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comment section down below and if you've tried either one of these guys let the rest of yes know how they work for you! See you guys next Monday - bye!

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