Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gorgeous shoes in an email!

Today I received an email from shoe dazzle and they really do have some of the most beautiful shoes! I could see myself in any of these beauties for spring 2013!! Unfortunately I don't have the money to invest in any new shoes right now being that I'm not working because of school!! But when I'm a doctor and I can afford all these gorgeous shoes!! Here are my top favorite shoes from shoe that I would wear for 2013 if I had the money! :)

The trends that I'm noticing for spring are gold accents, pastel colors (purples,mint green, light and bright) and also the classic color tan and camel!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

St pattys nails!

I am getting pretty excited about march! Want to know why??? Lol it sounds silly but for green and Gold st Patrick's nail designs!! I actually am really attracted to green nail polish!! So for my first design for the month I wanted to do an array of greens!! I LOVED the way these nails looked so I just had to share!!


Ps ill add a picture of the nail polish bottles I used!


Recently My fiancé(lance) and I moved into a nice little condo of our very own February first 2013!! We have been looking forward to having a place of our own and we finally did it!!! Yay!!

Unfortunately the place that we invested in was NOT move in ready! We had to give this place a deep cleaning! A fresh coat of paint! New carpet! All new light bulbs! And new covers for the outlets!! This place was an absolute mess!!! Check out the pictures!

We haven't paid the rent for march yet but the Realtor said that the owner would pay for materials!! And I am sure we have spent over 1000 dollars just in materials!

This weekend I am going to put together a list of expenses and will find out the grand total so that we are prepared when the Relator ask how much we spent!

Ugh it has been hard work but well worth the effort! Our condo almost feels like home! Check out some of the before pictures!

Have you guys ever moved into a place that was this dirty? Do u think that the owner covering the materials for an updated condo is a fair trade?

Love you all!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Favorite quotes From February

The month of February I have been looking for inspiration so I have invested a lot of time looking into quotes!! These are some of my favorites that got me thought the month of February 2013


Vogue power 2013

Today I received hot if the press the new semi annual vogue 2013 power edition magazine! I sat Down thinking that I could get through this magazine and 3 others (red book, Cosmo, one other I can't remember).... 2 hours into the vogue magazine and 2 cups of tea later I'm only half way through! How is it possible to only get thought half a magazine in 2 hours!!!

Lol I skimmed over the articles but mostly looked at all the up coming fashion trends! Color blocking with bold colors is definitely In style for spring of 2013!!

check out some of my other favorites that i found!!!

Btw I am a huge fan of the color black(everyone looks sexy in black) and of a lot of things lace(super flirty and fun!)


Perfume I want!!

I just discovered a brand-new perfume Well flipping through the power issue of vogue! the name of this perfume is bottarga veneta and it is an intense combination of "sensually with transparency and freshness!" Apparently you can get a bottle of perfume from saks fifth Avenue. For a 2.5 fluid ounce bottle it's $115 and for a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle it's $90. This sounds pricey but, this perfume is simply delightful and is well worth the investment!!

Xoxo Hopefully I can convince my fiancé to buy it for me!! Lol wish me luck!!

On a side note Macy's does NOT carry it

Friday, February 1, 2013

Where Did the Week GO!!

If you are wondering why I did not put a new video up this week!! Ahhh Sorry first of all!! I have 3 Fun Valentines day Inspired ones that I want to work in before V Day Hits!! Which is in AHHH 13 Days! Holy COW!!! WOW! Time goes by soo Fast!! The reason for my absents is due to the fact that WE MOVED!! YAY! well we are in the process of moving lol! Hopefully our first night will be this saturday! Let me give you a time Line of this week: FRIDAY - I Have SChool 5Am until 330pm/ 1.5 hour drive home/ Cant remember what I did after. SATURDAY- Catch up on HW.. Cleaned the House/ My best friends were in town (BEACH) lol Got into a Huge fight with Lance SUNDAY- Made up with lance( conclusion that we needed our own place)/ Had to work all day!
 photo 3053AF63-18D8-4C43-AAA8-3A2D789E814E-9526-000004964D19C7B6_zps78b7c9bd.jpg
At the BEach With my BBFS! MONDAY- Searched for an Apt closer to school/ Set up 2 appointments to see units/ Went an saw the apt./ Signed a Lease agreement/ Went to American Signature furniture/ Rooms to go/ Olive Garden @ 930pm/ 45 min drive home/ Bed by 130Am
 photo 505F8EC3-C588-4C82-AC18-DCF278BBDF9C-9526-0000049664D64AFC_zpsc9a734e8.jpg
OUr Furniture Ideas For the Living Room! TUESDAY- Woke up late/ School @ 10 am/ hour & 30 min drive to school/ Class over 8/ 45 mins WEDNESDAY(IT HAS BEEN SOO CRAZY I DO NOT REMEMBER Wednesday Worked on my 3 online classes/I picked up the key from the realtor from the condo/ Went to Moes For Dinner/ Had a set of keys made for Lance/ Picked up Cleaning supplies/ Pickout some Paint Samples/ We were at the Condo Cleaning both Bathrooms from 8pm-1230am THURSDAY- Woke up late AGAIN/ School @ 10 am/ hour & 30 min drive to school/ Class over 8/ Picked up subs for Lance and I/ Painted the Appt. Till 1 Am FRIDAY- Up for school @430 am/ Worked on my Poster for my presentation @830 Am/ hour & half drive to school/ Met up with my group to work on the flow/ Class till 330pm/ Drive to the Condo/ Rip up the carpet/ New Tack strip/ Pad/ Carpet  photo 5DC1E7C2-E1E5-457A-81F5-453682F2BCC8-9526-0000049692C7844B_zps09b9064a.jpg My Favorite Poster From MY Chemistry Class That I had a Project for On Friday! Their Project was incredible! I just Loved all the Glitter and Glamor I felt when I looked at their Project!! To Say the LEast We are Both Tired! LOL I am Sure I left of a Ton of other things... I promise to have a Video for you LOvelys This Week! And I might Even Post 2 to make it up to you! XOXO