Saturday, April 4, 2015

3 Cheap Things Every Nail Polish Lover Should Own

I feel like Pinterest might be simultaneously simplifying and complicating our lives. There are so many “brilliant” ideas flooding our Pin boards, begging the question, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Life simplified.
HOWEVER, without Pinterest I’m not sure it ever would have occurred to me to polka dot or stripe my nails, I was always a 1-color kind of girl. Life complicated.
Fortunately everyone has “brilliant:” ideas on what household items you can rig to achieve your desired effect, but did anyone ever hop on Ebay real quick and just look up how much the real tools actually cost?
I did! I did!

1. Nail stripe tape

nail stripe tape will set you back a total of $0.99 from I am a fan of a good Scotch tape manicure, but with these simple tapes you can get a much simple much cleaner result.

2. Nail art Tip Guides

This set of 3 Tip Guides will cost a grand total of $2.99 shipped from You can try all you want to improvise with tape, but I have never had much success with that. For less than $3 I think I will just for for the real thing. Plus you can use them on your toes.
3. Dotting pen set

If you are having no problem making pretty polka dots with a collection of tooth picks and pin heads, I saw awesome, stick with that. For me, not so much. This set of 5 dotting pens is $7.99, shipped, from PLUS you get them quick if you live in the USA.

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