Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make that I used in my Video for HOW a "Sexyy Lady applys Make up for BACK TO SCHOOL Jlovesmac1 CONTEST"

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Hey guys!
I just wanted you guys to know which products I used for my video!

First off These are the products that I use for Everyday use... Meaning Im using quality make up for a cheaper price! =) which is perfect for a poor college student like myself!

To get started!

The Everyday use foundation I used is from Mary Kay and its a medium- coverage foundation for normal to oily skin I am using Beige 304! along with the MAC Brush 190

After I Blended my foundation I used the MAC Brush 129 to apply Triple Fusion Mineralize Skin Finish

I Then applied 3 Mac Shadows Which I have provided the names in the picture!
They are $14 each... unless you can grab them at an outlet store for $10

I used the MAC 252 brush to apply and to blend color 

PhotobucketMY FAVORITE Mary Kay black Ultimate Mascara! $14 from a consultant and I got mine for $6 on Ebay!
PhotobucketLast I used MAC LustreGlass Pinkarat A18 Which has a Soft pink color with a gold tone!  My Boyfriend and I do not kiss when I have this Gloss on...because it is super stickyy =(  But I love the shine and how plump my lips look when I apply the lipgloss!

Just a Note this is my oppion only and I was not paid for any of the products

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Friday! lance and I hung out with my dad! who lives by himself and watched such a cute movie! it was called mermaids lol it was an older movie due to it had Cher in it! lol when was the last time you saw her acting in a movie!

Saturday Lance and I did a Total Shopping day! food shopping, and went to 3 Different malls! The Prime outlet mall was my favorite! I got two Victoria Secret Undiess for $4 and somee centss!! incredible!! Lance bought a new sexy offfit to gooo out in! Ill add a picturee at the bottom!

Last night we went to a Ballroom Dancing show!! It was seriously Amazing! I got a picture with Lil Richyyy OMG I know! the dancers were Rediculous! I have never wanted to do ballroom more!!

We meet an couple that were from India and we went out clubbin... looking for some house music but... it was rounding 3 Am and everything was closing up... so we endding up dropping the couple off and took our hour drive home... and of course we stopped by taco bell! lol

Long story short! AMAZING NIGHT! could not have gone better... lol! minus that I forgot my phone at home.. When i got out my BEBE white top there was a stain on it! THANK GOD TYDE TO go Pen!! Blessing from god!It got the stains out!! camera was about to die before we even got there... lol

After it gets worse it only gets better! lol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thumpping Thursdays

Lol soo funny today at work I was talking to two of the inters for summer and the guys were like have you seen the video ( referring to the last video I posted in my blog!) you gotta check it out the content is not funny but Antonio is hysterical!!

On a side note today lance and I talked about this sales job and we have come to the conclusion that you wont be believe! Lol we figured out that for this job is going to have to take a lot of time to make money with this job… there for if there is not any time then there is not any money to be made… I mean isn’t that the point of a job….

Not to mention if he did do the job on such a short time schedule it could seriously make a bad experience…

Ummm my life today….. has been boring! Pretty much I went to work ughh played on the computer

Im waiting for this lady on Ebay to send me some moo-laah so I can ship the ED Hardyy shirt off

Put up a new youtube video

Lol btww not a good idea to put chickens in a bathroom

watching keeping up with the DASHES

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LANCEE job cont.

well he really liked the idea of working for Frank... yet I am not sure he knws that he might not have the time that he is hoping for... Yet i know he is his own person and is going to do what he wants regardless of what
at i and even if i am his Girll. 

Not to forget to mention that i havent really told him what i have thought about the whole task!

Umm today was really great I woke up super late because i had the day off of work! YAY! its soo nice to have an actual day off that everyone in the world is still working normal hours!

LOL I got dressed did some laundry shaved and showered!

Left and went to rotary futures where i spent 3 hours updating information and going through many scholarships! luckly for me i had the ladies attention due to the fact that all the High Schoolers were not on campus! They are all trying to soak up the beautiful sun that is left of summer!

Later when i finished at rotary I went to see my fasha! aka Father and we hung out
watched shaycarl lisanova, some crazy nyc guy and a bunch of shark attack videos on youtube... lol Here is one of the videos i found funny as heckk!
the guy in the video cracks me up!

welll im here sitting in bed with lance!
soo tired soo goodnight!

PS check out my ebay account if you wantt =)

There are some cute back to school items Ed Hardy shirts Hollister dresses ect!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Job For LGK

Ummm Really nervous!

Since today could be a huge step for Lance in the J. O. B. market lol

Meaning that today Lance went for an interview for a sales position

(Boo on commission based job) =(

Hey at least I know that the physical labor that carpeting brings on the body will no longer be there! (Hopefully if the interview goes well and with the capability that he can SELLL products!)
Lance and I went on the boat with one of my friends from work (Cheryl) ! Come to find out that Cheryl's Hubby (Brad) works in the business end of PGT! Brad and Lance hit it off and Brad finds out that Lance once to become involved in business marketing/Lobbyist…. Ssoooooo Brad ends up recommending Lance to a Frank (Marketing director)!!! OMG I KNOW!!!
Frank calls up Lance and they set up a meeting to meet up!

So Here I am at home SUPER NEROUS OUT of my MIND! wondering how everything is going!

If you didn’t know Lance has been laying carpet for the last 6 years and he HATES EVERY SINGLE second of it! Mostly Because of his seriously HANDY CAP BOSS! lol
Like imagine a southern Hillbilly and a truck drivers Speaking abilities combined Add alittle of an attitude for an extremely autistic child and that is what this guy IS LIKE 24 Hours of the day! (Not Hating on anyone! just saying)
NOT to forget to mention that He never has any kind of structured schedule every week! Which IS SUPER ANNOYING!

Imagine make an appt for your doctor's office not knowing if you're getting off of work at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm!!!


I think im going to eat some icecream