Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make that I used in my Video for HOW a "Sexyy Lady applys Make up for BACK TO SCHOOL Jlovesmac1 CONTEST"

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Hey guys!
I just wanted you guys to know which products I used for my video!

First off These are the products that I use for Everyday use... Meaning Im using quality make up for a cheaper price! =) which is perfect for a poor college student like myself!

To get started!

The Everyday use foundation I used is from Mary Kay and its a medium- coverage foundation for normal to oily skin I am using Beige 304! along with the MAC Brush 190

After I Blended my foundation I used the MAC Brush 129 to apply Triple Fusion Mineralize Skin Finish

I Then applied 3 Mac Shadows Which I have provided the names in the picture!
They are $14 each... unless you can grab them at an outlet store for $10

I used the MAC 252 brush to apply and to blend color 

PhotobucketMY FAVORITE Mary Kay black Ultimate Mascara! $14 from a consultant and I got mine for $6 on Ebay!
PhotobucketLast I used MAC LustreGlass Pinkarat A18 Which has a Soft pink color with a gold tone!  My Boyfriend and I do not kiss when I have this Gloss on...because it is super stickyy =(  But I love the shine and how plump my lips look when I apply the lipgloss!

Just a Note this is my oppion only and I was not paid for any of the products

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