Monday, August 10, 2015

Cute & Easy Birthday Nails - Confetti Celebration Nail Art Design

Happy Birthday Gorgeous -  Its my birthday on August 17th!
 So I wanted to create 3 easy nail art designs that are sure to grab some attention if its your birthday! 

Create this Gorgeous Design:

1. Apply a Base polish to protect your nails form staining.
(Recommendation - Essie " Ridge Filling" )

2. Create a large french on all your nails expect your accent figure.
(Recommendation - White polish - Sinful Colors " Snow Me White" )

Taking your white polish gently rotate your nail until your happy with the shape.
I like to add a second coat to really nail the smile curve.

3. Place different color confetti on the tip.
(Recommendation - Purple Polish - Essie - " Full Steam Ahead" )
(Recommendation - Green Polish - Sinful Colors  "Innocent" )
(Recommendation - Blue Polish - Victoria Secret -  " Lucky" )

Place the purple polish on a ziplock bag and using a detail brush create lines going different directions.

Use the same technique for the Green and Blue polish.
 For the tip I like to use 2-3 lines per color  and on the accent finger I use 3- 5 lines.

4. Wait 5 minutes for the design to dry.

5. Apply a quick drying top coat.
(Recommendation - Quick Drying Top Coat  " Seche Vite" )

Polish Colors I used in this Manicure:

 1.Base coat -Essie " Ridge Filling" 
2. White polish - Sinful Colors " Snow Me White"
3.Purple Polish - Essie - " Full Steam Ahead"
4. Green Polish - Sinful Colors  "Innocent" 
5. Blue Polish - Victoria Secret -  " Lucky"
6. Quick Drying Top Coat -Seche Vite

Why I like this Manicure:
It so perfect for letting people know that your celebrating - Say your at a restaurant  and the waiters  look at your nails and you can tell them your wearing confetti nails because Its your birthday - whink whink bring over the Free Ice Cream!! XO 

Watch The full Tutorial on Youtube with helpful step-by-step voice over.

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