Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Nail Art for Beginners - Red Silver Wedding French Nails

Part of the 3 Red Bridal Nail Collection - Watch the full tutorial on YouTube

Create this Manicure in 7 easy steps:

1. Please a piece of tape horizontally along the center of each nail

2. With a red polish paint the bottom portion of your nail
The color Im using is by Formula X in the color "Rouge"

3. Remove the tape before the polish dries for a clean line

4. With a nail striper apply a silver polish along the center of the nail
The color Im using is by Wet n Wild in the color "Silvivor"

5. Taking a glitter polish and a nail striper apply the glitter over the silver polish
The color Im using is by Essie in the color "Set in Stones"

6. Apply a topcoat and quickly place the rhinestones on whichever nails you like the accent

7. Add 2 layers of your favorite topcoat

Watch a helpful video tutorial by clicking here!

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