Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thumpping Thursdays

Lol soo funny today at work I was talking to two of the inters for summer and the guys were like have you seen the video ( referring to the last video I posted in my blog!) you gotta check it out the content is not funny but Antonio is hysterical!!

On a side note today lance and I talked about this sales job and we have come to the conclusion that you wont be believe! Lol we figured out that for this job is going to have to take a lot of time to make money with this job… there for if there is not any time then there is not any money to be made… I mean isn’t that the point of a job….

Not to mention if he did do the job on such a short time schedule it could seriously make a bad experience…

Ummm my life today….. has been boring! Pretty much I went to work ughh played on the computer

Im waiting for this lady on Ebay to send me some moo-laah so I can ship the ED Hardyy shirt off

Put up a new youtube video

Lol btww not a good idea to put chickens in a bathroom

watching keeping up with the DASHES

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