Sunday, August 8, 2010


Friday! lance and I hung out with my dad! who lives by himself and watched such a cute movie! it was called mermaids lol it was an older movie due to it had Cher in it! lol when was the last time you saw her acting in a movie!

Saturday Lance and I did a Total Shopping day! food shopping, and went to 3 Different malls! The Prime outlet mall was my favorite! I got two Victoria Secret Undiess for $4 and somee centss!! incredible!! Lance bought a new sexy offfit to gooo out in! Ill add a picturee at the bottom!

Last night we went to a Ballroom Dancing show!! It was seriously Amazing! I got a picture with Lil Richyyy OMG I know! the dancers were Rediculous! I have never wanted to do ballroom more!!

We meet an couple that were from India and we went out clubbin... looking for some house music but... it was rounding 3 Am and everything was closing up... so we endding up dropping the couple off and took our hour drive home... and of course we stopped by taco bell! lol

Long story short! AMAZING NIGHT! could not have gone better... lol! minus that I forgot my phone at home.. When i got out my BEBE white top there was a stain on it! THANK GOD TYDE TO go Pen!! Blessing from god!It got the stains out!! camera was about to die before we even got there... lol

After it gets worse it only gets better! lol

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