Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LANCEE job cont.

well he really liked the idea of working for Frank... yet I am not sure he knws that he might not have the time that he is hoping for... Yet i know he is his own person and is going to do what he wants regardless of what
at i and even if i am his Girll. 

Not to forget to mention that i havent really told him what i have thought about the whole task!

Umm today was really great I woke up super late because i had the day off of work! YAY! its soo nice to have an actual day off that everyone in the world is still working normal hours!

LOL I got dressed did some laundry shaved and showered!

Left and went to rotary futures where i spent 3 hours updating information and going through many scholarships! luckly for me i had the ladies attention due to the fact that all the High Schoolers were not on campus! They are all trying to soak up the beautiful sun that is left of summer!

Later when i finished at rotary I went to see my fasha! aka Father and we hung out
watched shaycarl lisanova, some crazy nyc guy and a bunch of shark attack videos on youtube... lol Here is one of the videos i found funny as heckk!
the guy in the video cracks me up!

welll im here sitting in bed with lance!
soo tired soo goodnight!

PS check out my ebay account if you wantt =)

There are some cute back to school items Ed Hardy shirts Hollister dresses ect!

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