Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Nail Art for Beginners - Red, Gold Glitter Side French Prom Nails

Get Ready to show you how to achieve a dazzling manicure in no time on the day of your Prom!

Create this manicure in 3 easy Steps:

1.Paint two coats of the red polish
The color Im using is by Formula X in the color "Rouge"

2.With the nail striper and a gold polish create a C on the right side of your nail
The color Im using is by Orly in the color "LUXE"

3.Apply glitter polish with a nail striper following the c shape
The color Im using is by Milani  in the color "Red Sparkle"

Tools Needed to Create this manicure:
Nail Stripper - Click Here to see where I bought mine.

Watch The full Video Tutorial with Helpful Voiceover by Clicking HERE

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