Thursday, April 2, 2015

70's Inspired Easy nail art for beginners - Spring Coachella inspired flower manicure

To re-create this manicure the tools you'll need are a bobby pin and some polish colors.

 Step one pick your nails to coats of any polish you would like i'm using a white polish by Essie  in "Blanc" 

Step two create five dots in the shape of a flower on the tip of your nail. I'm using a purple color by essie in " Full stream ahead" 

Step three: create a flower just above the flower you just created using the same steps as before, but this time in the color "cute as a button" by Essie 

Step four: taking a yellow polish create the center of the flower by placing one dot of yellow by Sally Hanson in the color "mellow yellow"

Step five finish off your design with your favorite topcoat

The full video tutorial can be found on Instagram and YouTube At Lancengi

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