Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Metallic Squares Nail Art Design - No Tools

Welcome back to another #FabFridayNails! 

This is the nail series where I show you what manicures are trending so you can have show stopping nails for this weekend!I To see more fab friday design be sure to check out the playlist - ill leave a link to the playlist in the description below

Today's manicure was create by my lovely bestie, Tanya! If you love gorgeous nail art make sure to follower her on Instagram @ TanyaMarie55 

We create this design for my first ever nail art event to match a dress from On Trend Boutique ( Want it? Available at On Trend Boutique Get 15% off your purchase by using the coupon code - "Lancengi" ) 

Step- by- Step Tutorial 

1. Paint your nails any color you would like.

Im using white polish by Orly in the color White Tips and a gold polish by Orly in the color LUXE.

2. After wiping most of the polish off of the brush, create the large diamonds in both the gold ( Orly - Luxe ) and silver ( wet n wild - Silvivor ) polishes.

3. Fill in the remain space with small diamonds in both colors.
 But, make sure to leave some white space for a clean and classic look.

4. Once dry, create smaller diamonds inside the larger ones using the opposite color.

Wait for the design to dry and apply your favorite top coat - Im using Seche Vite.

Here is what the finished manicure looks like when its done.
Tanya likes this design because she loves to shine! I love this design because it makes me looks super tan and feel trendy! 

If you recreate this manicure send us a picture on instagram using the #FabFridayNails and Tag me @Lancengi so I can be notified of your designs. If your enjoying fabulous nails on Friday and would like to see more designs let me know by leaving this video a thumbs up.

 FULL TUTORIAL with helpful voiceover can be found on YouTube at @Lancengi