Monday, August 10, 2015

Easy & Cute Happy Birthday Nails - Glitter Gradient

Happy Birthday Gorgeous -  Its my birthday on August 17th!
 So I wanted to create 3 easy nail art designs that are sure to grab some attention if its your birthday! 

Every women deserves to Shine on her big day - Lets get into the tutorial!

Create this Gorgeous Design:

1. Apply a Base polish to protect your nails form staining.
(Recommendation - Essie " Ridge Filling" )

2. Add a glitter base.
(Recommendation - Glitter Polish - Essie - "Hors D'Oeuvres")

3. Create the glitter gradient 
Taking 2-3 glitters and a fan brush apply the glitter to your nails while keeping most of it toward the tip of your nail!

4. Apply a quick drying top coat.
(Recommendation - Quick Drying Top Coat  " Seche Vite" )

Polish Colors I used in this Manicure:

 1.Base coat -Essie " Ridge Filling" 
2. Glitter Polish - Essie  "Hors D'Oeuvres" 
3. Quick Drying Top Coat -Seche Vite

Why I like this Manicure:
Every women deserves to sparkle and shine on  her big day -  These Nails Shine so much you need sunglasses!

Watch The full Tutorial on Youtube with helpful step-by-step voice over.

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