Sunday, February 24, 2013


Recently My fiancé(lance) and I moved into a nice little condo of our very own February first 2013!! We have been looking forward to having a place of our own and we finally did it!!! Yay!!

Unfortunately the place that we invested in was NOT move in ready! We had to give this place a deep cleaning! A fresh coat of paint! New carpet! All new light bulbs! And new covers for the outlets!! This place was an absolute mess!!! Check out the pictures!

We haven't paid the rent for march yet but the Realtor said that the owner would pay for materials!! And I am sure we have spent over 1000 dollars just in materials!

This weekend I am going to put together a list of expenses and will find out the grand total so that we are prepared when the Relator ask how much we spent!

Ugh it has been hard work but well worth the effort! Our condo almost feels like home! Check out some of the before pictures!

Have you guys ever moved into a place that was this dirty? Do u think that the owner covering the materials for an updated condo is a fair trade?

Love you all!!

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