Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vogue power 2013

Today I received hot if the press the new semi annual vogue 2013 power edition magazine! I sat Down thinking that I could get through this magazine and 3 others (red book, Cosmo, one other I can't remember).... 2 hours into the vogue magazine and 2 cups of tea later I'm only half way through! How is it possible to only get thought half a magazine in 2 hours!!!

Lol I skimmed over the articles but mostly looked at all the up coming fashion trends! Color blocking with bold colors is definitely In style for spring of 2013!!

check out some of my other favorites that i found!!!

Btw I am a huge fan of the color black(everyone looks sexy in black) and of a lot of things lace(super flirty and fun!)


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