Monday, December 17, 2012

5 Days This week!!

Today most of the reasons that I do not blog as much as I would like to is due to I am crazy busy with my Life to even Breath... Let alone try to update!! With School consuming most of my time! Today is the beginning of my Christmas Break from school!! Now that I do not know what to do with myself and all my free time! LOL I am going to make a goal to Blogg for the next 5 days!! A complete Open weekend to All you guys!! I promise to let you know what Im doing and Where Im Going for the next 5 Days Starting with Today!! Today: 8:30 Am Woke up to my messy house!! Thinking to myself "God I have to Clean!!" Turning on I shuffle to christmas music and Get started! Soo I started laundry, Made my Bed, opened all my mail... including cute christmas cards... Which lead to the thought that I received a christmas card from a friend that I didn't send a card too..."Shoot!!!"" =0 I should Vacuum... But I do not feel like it.... LOl And I think I will Dust eventually today... (LOL never Did its almost 12 Am now...) Called around to see how much a gym membership will cost for a week.. YMCA: $10 a day... Or $5 a day for being a student. Just need to bring my Student ID or Schedule Youfit: $10 a Month or $30 a week. LOL and you can go to any location without an additional cost. 10:00 Am Ate Some Delicious Cold Pizza and Looked at some emails... Played a game on iPad. Got Dressed to go to the gym. 12:00 Pm Cleaned out my car that was an extreme Mess... Took all of the stuff from inside my car... Including 5 Pairs of shoes...(2 Heels, 1 Running shoes, 2 wedges.) 3 Christmas Bags filled with my clothes, Lances CLothes, And presents I have received. In the trunk I Found 4 bottles Liquor from September when a bunch of my friends and I took a trip to the beach!!! Wild!! If I was to get pulled over I would Have been Screwed!! LOL 3:00 Pm I am heading to town to get my car washed Inside and Out. And Going to see Kim to see if she wants a pair of shoes Cute Navy and Tan Flats... They do not fit me. So Ill be giving them to her or to the trash. While in town I am to going to drop of a present to Lances mom... which are to hand Made Scarves From My Grandma.... She is Selling them $30 Including Shipping in the USA (see Pictures Below) If anyone would like any! I call them Ruffle Scarves =) 5:00 Pm Went and got Sophia washed! (My Car! Lol) She was blinding everyone on the road when we were driving to Lance's Moms House to Drop of the presents! Lance's Mom (Sharon) was not home but Andy was And I sat down and talked to him about this pass weekend! His Daughter Kelly Graduated from PA school and had a party to celebrate her success! It was an incredible time! 6:00 PM I went Tanning and Called up my BFF and Told her that her and Nick must come over for dinner since we werent able to meet up on Sunday! They are grabbing the food and I will be making the Chilly! 11:00Pm Everyone had a great time today and I finished up by watching an episode of One Tree Hill in season 4! This episode is when Lucus Finds out who really killed his Uncle Keith.. Super Scary and Confusing about What is going to happen Next!! See you tomorrow Gianna

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