Friday, February 1, 2013

Where Did the Week GO!!

If you are wondering why I did not put a new video up this week!! Ahhh Sorry first of all!! I have 3 Fun Valentines day Inspired ones that I want to work in before V Day Hits!! Which is in AHHH 13 Days! Holy COW!!! WOW! Time goes by soo Fast!! The reason for my absents is due to the fact that WE MOVED!! YAY! well we are in the process of moving lol! Hopefully our first night will be this saturday! Let me give you a time Line of this week: FRIDAY - I Have SChool 5Am until 330pm/ 1.5 hour drive home/ Cant remember what I did after. SATURDAY- Catch up on HW.. Cleaned the House/ My best friends were in town (BEACH) lol Got into a Huge fight with Lance SUNDAY- Made up with lance( conclusion that we needed our own place)/ Had to work all day!
 photo 3053AF63-18D8-4C43-AAA8-3A2D789E814E-9526-000004964D19C7B6_zps78b7c9bd.jpg
At the BEach With my BBFS! MONDAY- Searched for an Apt closer to school/ Set up 2 appointments to see units/ Went an saw the apt./ Signed a Lease agreement/ Went to American Signature furniture/ Rooms to go/ Olive Garden @ 930pm/ 45 min drive home/ Bed by 130Am
 photo 505F8EC3-C588-4C82-AC18-DCF278BBDF9C-9526-0000049664D64AFC_zpsc9a734e8.jpg
OUr Furniture Ideas For the Living Room! TUESDAY- Woke up late/ School @ 10 am/ hour & 30 min drive to school/ Class over 8/ 45 mins WEDNESDAY(IT HAS BEEN SOO CRAZY I DO NOT REMEMBER Wednesday Worked on my 3 online classes/I picked up the key from the realtor from the condo/ Went to Moes For Dinner/ Had a set of keys made for Lance/ Picked up Cleaning supplies/ Pickout some Paint Samples/ We were at the Condo Cleaning both Bathrooms from 8pm-1230am THURSDAY- Woke up late AGAIN/ School @ 10 am/ hour & 30 min drive to school/ Class over 8/ Picked up subs for Lance and I/ Painted the Appt. Till 1 Am FRIDAY- Up for school @430 am/ Worked on my Poster for my presentation @830 Am/ hour & half drive to school/ Met up with my group to work on the flow/ Class till 330pm/ Drive to the Condo/ Rip up the carpet/ New Tack strip/ Pad/ Carpet  photo 5DC1E7C2-E1E5-457A-81F5-453682F2BCC8-9526-0000049692C7844B_zps09b9064a.jpg My Favorite Poster From MY Chemistry Class That I had a Project for On Friday! Their Project was incredible! I just Loved all the Glitter and Glamor I felt when I looked at their Project!! To Say the LEast We are Both Tired! LOL I am Sure I left of a Ton of other things... I promise to have a Video for you LOvelys This Week! And I might Even Post 2 to make it up to you! XOXO

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