Thursday, March 7, 2013

New St. Patrick's Day nails

So this weekend I came up with a brand-new Saint Patrick's Day inspired nail art! I came up with this idea from the vogue Magazine that I posted about earlier... I saw An outfit that had the light green dark green top with white pants with sexy gold accents paired!!

I love the look so much that I came up with this nail inspired idea that is perfect for st. Patrick's day! There will be a YouTube video posted by Sunday! But in the meantime here is a blog on how to create Design!

What you need is a light green polish, a dark green polish, a yellow polish, a golden glitter polish nail tape and scissors ... Oh don't forget about your favorite topcoat and basecoat

I squared off my nails for this lucky design

I Used a base coat and applied two coats of white polish

Allow some time For your nails to dry completely... Because if you don't allow the time the nail tape will actually peel off the white polish so go do something for like 10 to 15 minutes...

I went and watch Carlybybels
Harlem shake video on YouTube it was soo funny! Danced to some music! And did some exercising lol ADHD?? Haha

Now taking your nail tape apply The first piece diagonal taking another piece of nail tape go right above where you just placed the last piece. And finally place the lower to separate the bottom dark and light greens.... Do this technique with all your nails except for your index finger

Now fill-in the colors... For my left hand I put the dark green on the left side and the light green on the right side.. I use a yellow polish to fill in the diagonal and immediately added the gold glitter on top.

Before the polishes dries remove all the nail tape individually...

If the glitter polish move slightly you can always fill it in with the a skinny nail brush...

Now for the index finger you'll want to Brush on a yellow polish and add a gold glitter polish

Wait till your design is completely dried to add a topcoat and that's it!

I have gotten so many compliments on my nails it's ridiculous! so I hope you guys enjoy Replicating it! if you DO make sure you posted on my Facebook page or on my Instagram!! just remember to tag me so I can see it!

Bye love bugs and happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I'll put some pictures down below you can see what polishes I use exactly and some Pictures of my nails

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