Tuesday, October 23, 2012


For the fourth year in a row! Lance and I went to Halloween horror nights in Orlando Florida!
Let me describe my passion for Halloween!
On my 13th birthday in August... I made a decision to celebrate my 13th birthday 2 months later as a Halloween Birthday party. That year I had the best time with the best Hunted house that my friends talked about for months!
From then on I continued to celebrate my birthday in October until I started dating Lance when I was 17! Lance had heard about Halloween horror nights in Orlando Florida! So we made plans for this trip to happen!! The first night we went it was a night to remember!! We had so much fun it was unbelievable! I would say that the trip changed my life forever! Every year since then we continue to go and it just gets better and better!!

We've gone alone for the last three years and this year we went with a group! By yourself is so much fun! you get to do the things that you wanted to do without worries of hurrying anyone's feelings! Yet the group of people we went with were incredibly amazing! fun! and made the experience that much better!

If you guys enjoy Halloween as much as me comment down below of the best Halloween joint you've ever been to and maybe I'll go there this year??

Xoxo love you dolls

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