Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Create The Perfect Water Marble Nail Art!

I absolutely Adore water Marble on the nails!

When I fist became enchanted by water Marbling was back a few months ago on the MOST incredible Website... Pinterest! This website for those who have not heard is a website that anyone can access thought a request! basically openning up a work full of fun topics/ideas/and Images... Most of "pins" are linked to websites that will give additional details and information on the pin.

Pinterest for Dummies By Carr, Kelby (Google Affiliate Ad)

One of the girls that I follow for inspiration pinned a Water marble nail design! I was completely in love with the flow of the polish and how each nail design was different yet felt complete and perfect! From that moment on I pledged myself to learn how to create this Nail look!

Today I posted a video with all the tips and trick that I Have encountered though research and trial/error. I hope that though this video I will be able to inspire the feels that I felt when I first found this design!

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