Thursday, June 11, 2015

Easy Nail Art for Beginners #3 - Summer Beach Waves - Sponge Bits

Easy Nail Art for Beginners #3 - Summer Beach Waves

Welcome Back to the Easy Nail Art for Beginners Series - Check out the official Playlist with over 90 Simple Designs for Short Nails And Beginners - CLICK HERE 

Summer weather is officially here in Florida and after receiving that gorgeous tropical phone case from Lux Addiction I can help but want to decorate my nail accordingly.

See the review on the Lux Addiction phone case by clicking HERE

Today I am going to be sharing with you 1 of 3 Easy Nail Art Designs that are ideal for beginning nail artist using step-by-step instructions/photos. 

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Lets get into the Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Apply your favorite basecoat. 
My current favorite is Essie's Ridge Filling Basecoat

Step 2:  Paint your nails 2 coats of any color you would like.

Im in love with this Sinful Color Polish Called "Why Not"

Step 3: Create A Beach scene on the Accent Finger.

For the accident finger I'm going to start off with the light blue polish I'm using Essies "find me an oasis."

Taking a Cosmetic Sponge Rip 3 chunks off a makeup sponge with a pair of tweezers.

A. Take the sponge chunk and dip it into a dark polish and create a horizontal line in the center of the nail this is going to create depth and our ocean.

B. Take a clean sponge chunk. dip it in the white polish and dab at the tip of the nail once your satisfied with the color... allow your nails to dry for a few minutes.

C.Take tan polish and create the beach shore along the tip of the nail.

D. Follow up with some waves crashing onto the shoe by taking a white polish and a dotting tool and creating little Swegles along the beach line

Step 4: Add Some Beach Details

Take some brown polish and a toothpick and create some small details to look like rocks or maybe some foot prints across the sand! You can be as creative as you would like. 

Taking tan polish I'm going to create The beach along the tip of the nail and waves crashing into the beach by taking a white polish and a dotting tool and creating little Swegles along the beach line

Here's what the finished manicure looks like I love this manicure because it's so simple and detailed at the same time

To watch the full video with a helpful voiceover - CLICK HERE (LIVE 06/15/15)

Blue Polish – @OPI_Products “Ogre” – Shrek Forever After Collection
Light Blue Polish – @SinfulColors_Official
Tan Polish – @EssiePolish Cocktails and Coconuts
White Polish - @essiePolish Blanc

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