Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fabulous Nails on Friday - Glamorous Cheetah Print Manicure + NO TOOLS

Fabulous Nails on Friday - Glamorous Cheetah Print Manicure

Welcome back to Fab Nails on Friday! 

This is the series where I show you what manicures are trending so you have show stopping Nails for the weekend!

To see other Fab Friday designs Im going to put a link in the playlist in the description box.
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Lets get into the step-by-step instructions on how to create this manicure.

Step one- start helping your nails any color you would like.

I'm using a pink polish by color zone and a tan colored polish by Essie called cocktails and coconuts

Step two - Apply a glitter gradient to the tip of each nail except for the accent nail.

I'm using a glitter polish by Milani. You're going to simply wipe off most the polish and apply it to the lower portion of the nail.
I'm going to add two coats of the glitter polish and focus mainly on the tip of the nail.

Step three - you're going to create a leopard print near the  cuticle.

Taking the Essie polish I used on the accent finger and a bobby pin I'm applying a couple dots in a c shape.
Now I'm going in with some black polish and a toothpick and creating a little c dots around the larger tan dots

Moving onto the accent finger...

Step four i'm going to create a leopard print design on the entire nail.

Taking a bobby pin I'm going to place large gold and pink dots

Because I want to tie in the glitter across the manicure I'm going to add some gold and pink glitter.
now taking my toothpick and some black polish I'm going to create the leopard design

Finish up the design by filling in the space with some spots

Make sure to allow some time for your manicure to dry and apply your favorite topcoat

Here's what the finished manicure looks like in this design was created for one of my friends who is obsessed with cheetah print and she was completely in love with this manicure and so was I so here we are sharing it with you guys let me know in the comments down below which manicure you would like to see next you can send me a picture on Instagram using the #fabFridaynails

To watch the full video with a helpful voiceover - CLICK HERE (LIVE 06/12/2015)

Products I used in this Design:
Pink Polish - Color Zone
Tan Polish - Essie - Cocktails and Coconuts
Pink Glitter - MILANI
Gold Polish - COVERGIRL "Golden Opportunity"
Gold Glitter - ESSIE " Summit of style"

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