Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Easy Patriotic Nail Art Ideas For The Fourth Of July - Dry Water Marble

Step 1 - Start by painting your nails any color you would like now to create the marbled/ tie dye design/ Patriotic 

Step 2 - Create a quarter circle on the side of the nail

I'm taking three colors and applying them with the nail polish brush in a c shape at the corner of my nail

Step 3 - Create the Design

I found that it's easier to work with a nail striping brush to create the tie-dye design and I'm simply dragging the brush through the wet polish and making sure they meet at a point.

Step 4 - Finish with a quick drying top coat.

Here's what the finished manicure looks like I love this is design because multiple capacity. What does it look like to you.. Does it look like fireworks, tie-dye, or something else?

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