Sunday, April 15, 2012

Race Time For April already OVer!

I cant Believe that sunday is almost over!

Saturday was my Race that I have been looking forward too....

The race was at 715 am

I was up at 515 am to eat a bagel, have 2 bottles of water, and to get my pre energy drink down.

The day before I made sure that I drank 8 bottles of water and I had Pasta and meatballs for dinner.

I was well hydrated. I did not have any cramping.. It was smooth sailing.

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Me Before the race

Last year when I ran the race I completed the 10k by myself with a group... my mile time was 10 mins 48 sec a mile totally 1 hour 7 mins

This year when I ran the 10k with a group!! It was soo Much FUn! All of us stayed together and did not let anyone fall behind. Which made for an amazing experience. I Vlog the whole experience and will get that on Youtube shortly! =) My mile time dropped 32 secs a mile from 2011!!! Making it 10 minutes and 16 secs a mile!!!! YAY! Its nice to know that being in the gym 3/4 days a week is making a difference!

As Aways!

Remember that life is a journey... not a destination. SOO enjoy the trip!

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