Thursday, April 19, 2012

Deviled Eggs! Ohhh Yummy!!

Thank God! School is finally out for the summer! I do not have any plans to take any summer classes. My goal for the summer is to learn how to continue devolp and progress in my YouTube channel/videos. Since Wednesday I have been learning about different features on IMovie 11. Currently I am a little frustrated with my apple lap top... I think??? Let me explain... When I am editing in imovie 11 the application is always freezing up and I am constantly having to shut down the computer.... Anyone have ideas why this is occurring?? How can I fix this issue? Should I just call apple? Here is my newest video that I uploaded last night! I found these nails on pintrest and fell in love with the nails. It turns out that the rainbow nails are extremely easy to recreate and I am looking forward to see if your guys also loved the nails See you guys in the next post Xoxo Leave a comment below letting me know what your personal goals are for the summer!

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